Angela Meyer Sales Representative

Angela Meyer Sales Representative

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In my morning reads this morning I came across this sentance and web site 

GTA traffic is in desperate need of a western transportation network

I tend to agree with that statement because as a resident of the villages on the West Credit I have been aware of development going to happen in the Huttonville area since 1979.   I and my family moved into a home in July of 1979 and in August we received notification of the Bram West Secondary Plan as it was called then.  As a Realtor in that area I was very much aware of it. 

I do not live in Huttonville any more but I do live in the area and I know how much the lack of decision making, has caused so many families and businesses to feel in limbo.  It has in my opinion also added to the lack of a solid community feeling, which such a beautiful area should and would like to keep.   

Government please hurry up and do something positive 



Allan Wilkins

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I have been to Woodcreek and the homes are pretty huge and expensive. The people there preserve so proud in themselves that’s why they sell them so expensive. The society there's distinctly active and do everything

Alice Wihile

Easy transportation is one of the main responsibility of the government. Ger more details here as I have been to the villages in car. People who don’t have car have to walk up to miles to go to the bus and bus now has started its different route


Orillia March, you are exceptional in giving us accurate data approximately the present day market statistics. Your precise facts are constantly giving us information about nccuniversitycollege the tendencies of actual estate agency. Thanks is a small phrase to mention for your services.


Huttonville is a very beautiful place to live but the government is not giving enough attention to this place to make this place more beautiful as I have read your best research paper writing service reviews in which you described deeply. Lack of good decision making of government officials is causing much trouble for the families.

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